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We offer a wide range of lenses and bodies for all your rental requirements. 



Camera Tek manage the Pro Camera Services initiative on behalf of Canon SA.

The programme offers extensive after-sales support and information for Canon imaging professionals and their equipment.

If you are a Canon professional photographer or make money from your photography using Canon photographic equipment then Professional Camera Services (PCS) is for you. PCS is free to qualifying Canon photographers. 

For more information please contact the Canon Technical Helpdesk or visit


Camera Tek has been tasked by Canon SA with handling the technical helpdesk function for all the Canon photo/video products sold in SA. This service is provided to Canon customers and includes the following:

All telephonic technical queries relating to usage and software for the Canon photo / video product you have purchased. 

Available to walk in customers at our JHB branch for any technical queries relating to usage and software issues regarding your Canon product. Available for all email technical queries relating to your Canon product.


Oops, you deleted your once in a lifetime holiday pictures. Camera Tek specializes in the recovery of lost data that has been deleted or formatted off your memory card by mistake. 

For information on this service please contact our JHB branch or Email at or


Camera Tek are the authorised service centre for Canon Photo/Video products , Pentax-Ricoh photographic products and binoculars, Samsung photo / video products, Kamakura binoculars and Hahnel Modus speedlights in South Africa. Our workshops are fully equipped to handle the service and repair of your equipment to internationally recognized standards.

Our technicians are factory trained and have attended overseas training at various centres in countries including Belguim, Italy, Japan, England, Holland, Germany and Russia.

Our workshop managers alone have a combined total camera repair experience of over 71 years. We are more than capable of performing any work required to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Camera Tek can provide a quotation on the servicing and or repairing of all your Canon Photo/Video products , Pentax-Ricoh photographic products and binoculars, Samsung photo / video products, Kamakura binoculars and Hahnel Modus speedlights. 
We can also provide a quotation on re-calibration of most binocular brands and models. 

The providing of a quotation is subject to our terms of conditions – details can be found under our FAQ section on our website, on our repair forms available on our website and at any of our branches. (On INFO page)


Due to the climatic conditions in South Africa, Digital SLR users often find themselves in need of a sensor blowout to remove those irritating dust particles that find their way into your DSLR and onto your camera’s sensor, resulting in spots appearing in your pictures.

We offer a sensor clean that is a sensor and mirror box housing blowout (can be done while you wait), with test pictures taken and digitally analyzed to confirm the success of the sensor blowout.

This sensor clean is only suitable for DSLR’s that are in a relatively clean condition, where you are experiencing problems with only a handful of spots appearing on your pics.


The complete service of a camera involves among other things, a complete strip down of your camera’s body (or other photographic hardware). The camera will then be cleaned from the inside out, including all casings, shutter, mirror box housing, sensor and all internal parts (some wear and tear parts may also need replacing ).

The camera is then re-assembled, re-calibrated and tested.

The cost for this complete service is model dependent, condition dependent and dependent on any spares that may need replacing. Please see details for quotations.


In order to improve our service to our customers, we have set up an express repair counter at each of our branches where minor repairs such as LCD replacements minor cosmetic repairs are handled while you wait.

Your camera will be assessed by an express repair technician and he will confirm if the repair can be done straight away (checking type of repair, spares availability) or whether it will need to be booked in.

If it is confirmed that an express repair can be done, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of water, read a magazine or browse our extensive photographic sales displays.


Camera Tek import Canon and Pentax spares directly from the Canon and Pentax spares distribution warehouses in Europe. We order Samsung spares directly from Samsung SA.

The spares are warehoused at our main branch in Johannesburg and distributed to our branches countrywide. We carry over 10 000 line items of spares at any given time.

We are the leading supplier of spares to general photographic workshops and private customers in South Africa and parts of Sub Saharan Africa. 


Camera Tek stocks a wide range of photographic equipment and accessories to cater for the needs of most photographic enthusiasts.

Some of the brands we are stock are Fujifilm, Pentax, Canon demo / refurbished stock, Canon accessories, Sandisk, Sigma, Lowepro, SLIK, Kenko and wide range of other photographic products and accessories.

Contact any of our branches for more information. 


Photographic equipment getting too expensive to buy?? No problem! Camera Tek has an extensive rental division for all your photographic rental needs. From Lenses to Cameras to Binoculars, we stock it all.
Visit to place your order or to get  more information. (Fotorental is a division of Cameratek)